Datalogger temperatur usb

Price For: Each Battery Life: yr. AC Adapter: No Waterproof: IPTime Intervals: sec. Combined with the USB connection, the included Windows-compatible software makes transferring and viewing the collected data easy. The size of a typical USB memory . Mini data loggers for temperature and humidity, USB data logger , Process Voltage and Current.

Sensor: Internal NTC thermal resistor.

USB interface for convenient data download. Records up to 10readings for each parameter. Extech RHT10: Humidity and Temperature USB Datalogger. Ideal to monitor, record and. The USB -5Series stand-alone, low cost data loggers are ideal for remote applications.

Available with LCD screen display, and alarm functionality. Includes easy to use software to log and view data. ATMDLUSB Temperature Data Logger. EL- USB -USB Temperature Data Logger.

Our new USB Data Loggers are a cost-effective solution for logging temperature just about anywhere. Thermocouple Temperature Data Logger Thermocouples are attached via a standard connector at the base of the unit. It measures and records over 30temperature readings from K, J, or T type thermocouples.

A standard Type K thermocouple is included. Start times are programme and recorded temperatures . Buy temperature data loggers online from Loggershop. Purchase high temperature , portable, multi channel and Wi-Fi temperature data loggers here. Free delivery and returns on all eligible orders.

Extech Instruments RHTHumidity and Temperature USB Datalogger : Amazon. The EL USB Temperature Data Logger enables users to track up to 13different temperature readings and transfer the data via the USB port on a PC. With the software, you could analyze data in for. Easy to use temperature data logger which monitors and records the internal temperature of you fridge. Not much bigger than a memory stick, the Aercus Instruments USB Temperature and Humidity Data Logger is a very easy to use datalogger for recording air temperature and humidity.

Simply place the logger in the area you want monitored and push the start button. The data can then be downloaded to your PC for viewing .