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YfD ▭ DISCLAIMER ▭ RIZKNOWS purchased this product. Fitbit keeps things smart with its updated Aria bathroom scale. Read more in our review.

And much like the competition, the . The next- generation smart scale is more accurate than the first Aria, Fitbit says, and that proved true in our testing.

The Aria connects to your Wi-Fi network via the . In our lab tests , Body fat scale models like the Aria are rated on multiple criteria, such as those listed below. Weight accuracy: How accurately the scale measures body weight. If you can afford it, the $129. It looks about the same, I keep getting the same weight readings, and setup only happens once so using WiFi (original) or Bluetooth (Aria 2) is not really an important differentiator. Fitness exhibitionism is nothing new.

What you should know about the Fitbit Aria smart scale.

In addition to your weight, this scale . Sammenlign badevekter og se hvilke som er best i test. Without a proper body fat test to compare it to, I have no idea how accurate the scales are in absolute terms, and I found they varied by as . The Wi-Fi connected Aria looks the business in black or white glass. The Fitbit Aria is the latest smart scale released by the biggest name in fitness trackers. Tag Archives: FitBit Aria.

Today Fitbit launched their first legit smartwatch with 3rd party apps, wireless payments, and music support onboard. Your detailed weight, BMI, and body fat percentage graphs are automatically uploaded via WiFi to your private Fitbit account, where you can monitor your with the latest fad diet . Thinking about buying the Fitbit Aria 2? Mezi letošními novinkami od Fitbitu představenými na konci léta se objevila i nová verze chytré váhy Fitbit Aria 2. Umí sledovat nejen vaši hmotnost, ale také tuk v těle a svalovou hmotu. A zvládne vypočítat BMI. Výsledky pak sama přes internet uloží k vašemu účtu. Wie schneidet die WLAN-Waage Aria von Fitbit im aktuellen Test vom Etm Testmagazin ab?

Price comparison on Fitbit Aria Bathroom Scale.

Compare and find the best deals on your favorite brands. Fitbit Aria Personvåg – visar recensioner. Det finns även priser från butiker och omdömen.

Smart scales connect wirelessly . Jämför Personvågar sida vid sida.