Hot tub hammock

Transform nearly any outdoor environment into your personal winter wonderland by taking in your surroundings inside of the hot tub hammock. It is a durable, packable, and waterproof Hammock. It can be used as a Hammock, Hot Tub , Hammock Waterbe Ice Bath, Cryo Therapy Waterbe Beach Hot Tub. It comes with a shower head and functions flawlessly as a . See how this new fun art can be used in your life.

Produced by Jenner Deal.

Follow BI Video:On Twitter. Water in the hammock is heated using a portable water heater that also recirculates water drawn from a garden hose or from a . Best Hammock Design Innovating Comfort for all. HydroHammock Hot Tub Bathtub. Swinging cool or warm Bliss Bath.

Proud inventor Benjamin H. The most comfortable bath, blissful hammock and game changing product of its type. Nothing gets more quintessentially summer-like than lazily swinging in the shade of a tree in a generous hammock.

The secret to getting hot water is the heating system. The hammock can hold up to 7lbs including water and . Swap your tank top for a cardigan, your iced coffee for a pumpkin spice latte (just kidding), and the beach for apple picking and other . After all, hanging out in a hammock is a great way to unwin and soaking in a hot tub is incredibly relaxing too – now, the two have become one for the ultimate in peace and . Remember the simple pleasure of swinging in a hammock underneath a canopy of trees? Your mind drifting into the blissful emptiness of being rocked like a baby. Or maybe that time you were hanging out with friends and everyone decided to jump in a hot tub , cocktail in one hand and champagne in the other.

Made from watertight, extremely. What can be more relaxing than a hammock? Easy to set up to your desired shape the hot tub hammock comes as a compact, lighter single layer of material . Ever been swinging back and forth lazily in a hammock and then wished you were soaking in a steamy hot tub instead? Naturally, the combination of the two is also something that we love. You can hang it from a tree or your car.

This is going to be all the rage at music festivals next summer, we reckon. From the dawn of time, man has wondered: what if my hammock was a bath tub ? This hammock can be used as a hammoth bath or a hutbut, or as a liner for a more conventional, sea-level bath.