Humidity sensor arduino datasheet

DHTdigital temperature and humidity sensor is a composite Sensor contains a calibrated digital signal output. Publishes the technical specifications of the product data sheet shall prevail. We have two versions of the DHT sensor, they look a bit similar and have the same pinout, but have different characteristics. This sensor includes a resistive- type humidity measurement component and an NTC temperature.

It contains details for AVR, PIC and.

Ultra-low power, the transmission distance, fully automated calibration, the use of capacitive humidity sensor ,. Please download the DHTLib to your Arduino library first. Operating specifications : (1) Power and Pins. However, the sensor protocol and timing is similar to the DHTso check out theDHTdatasheet for more information.

Temperature and Humidity Sensor. If you have any questions about how to set up the DHThumidity and temperature sensor on your Arduino , just leave a comment below and I will try to . An IMPORTANT NOTICE at the end of this data sheet addresses availability, warranty, changes, use in safety-critical applications, intellectual property matters and other important.

The humidity and temperature sensors are factory. Average Supply Current:. Modules with an update notice on packaging needs to refer to v. Humidity and temperature sensor module that easily connects to Arduino microcontrollers.

Pre calibrated at factory for precision measurements. Hello, I got a HR2humidity sensor and I have no idea how to convert the analog result to HR. If someone have a example, please send to me. The DHTtemperature and humidity sensor features a calibrated digital signal output with the temperature and humidity sensor complex.

Its technology ensures the high reliability and excellent long-term stability. A high-performance 8-bit micro-controller is connected. RELATIVE HUMIDITY SENSOR.

Based on a unique capacitive cell, these relative humidity sensors are designed for high volume, cost sensitive applications such as office automation, automotive cabin air control, home appliances, and industrial process control systems. Bluetooth modules, etc, whose functions cover from sensor to motor drive, from Ethernet to wireless. This board is a breakout board for the DHTsensor and gives a digital output that is proportional to temperature and humidity measured by the sensor. DHTsensor grants high reliability, excellent long-term .

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