Hyperspectral camera

The goal of hyperspectral imaging is to obtain the spectrum for each pixel in the image of a scene, with the purpose of finding objects, identifying materials, or detecting processes. Packed with a high-performance, miniature single-board- computer, they acquire VIS-NIR hyperspectral data with continuous spectral and spatial . It features extreme compactness and fast data transfer rate. Specim is a world leading company for manufacturing hyperspectral imaging instruments such as hyperspectral cameras and systems.

For each pixel in an image, a hyperspectral camera acquires the light intensity (radiance) for a large number (typically a few tens to several hundred) of contiguous spectral bands.

Imec including Linescan, Snapshot Mosaic and Snapshot Tiled with different wavelengths and amount of bands, ideal for Precision agriculture, remote sensing and more. Hyperspectral camera with USBVision camera from XIMEA, USB 3. High-performance lightweight compact hyperspectral imaging cameras at an affordable price. For much of the past decade, hyperspectral imaging has been an area of active research and development, and hyperspectral images have been available only to researchers. With the recent appearance of commercial airborne hyperspectral imaging systems, hyperspectral imaging is poised to enter the mainstream of.

This 3-minute video provides a brief introduction to the basics of hyperspectral imaging. Learn more about hyperspectral imaging or imaging spectroscopy and the infrared cameras we offer for this application. Corning provides our hyperspectral imaging systems and hyperspectral imaging sensor products.

To improve the speed of operation and increase the light throughput in a compact equipment structure, a Fourier transform hyperspectral imaging system based on a . The Hyper-Cam is an advanced passive infrared hyperspectral imaging system that combines high spatial and spectral resolution. The device has no moving components making the system virtually immune to mechanical failure. The unique optical system provides a fully registere hyperspectral data . Unfortunately, the devices have tended to be big and cumbersome, limiting them to use in labs.

Traditional color cameras represent the entire spectral range of an image by using three relatively wide spectral channels: re g. A spectral camera images a line of an object and provides the spectral. VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland contributed its own expertise to the development project, in the form of fast measurement data processing algorithms and . VITO Remote Sensing supplies accurate information to support agriculture, environmental and vegetation monitoring with a series of new compact hyperspectral imaging solutions. Colour equals information, so the more spectral bands an Earth- observing satellite sees, the greater quantity of environmental findings returned to its homeworld. Now ESA is ready to fly a hand-sized hyperspectral imager – small enough to fit on its next nanosatellite.

Observing in visible and . What is hyperspectral imaging ? The human eye sees the world in three colors: re green and blue (RGB). By mixing the amount of these three colors all other colors are created. In healthcare for example, hyperspectral imaging can be used to discriminate tissue, nerves, and blood vessels during non-invasive surgery to support the surgeons precision.

A camera which captures images across a wide range of wavelengths, not just the familiar RGB colours has existed for a while now.

Lots of niche applications have been found – from the military looking for camouflage amongst vegetation to conservationists finding obscured details in Renaissance . Specim IQ, next-gen camera allows you to analyse materials, anywhere, in an instant.