Jumo pressure sensor

This is particularly true for pressure sensor technology, because we produce both the pressure sensors and the electronics ourselves. Our high quality product sets the benchmark for precision. An almost automatic production sequence (digital compensation and calibration of the sensor module) reduces production time and manufacturing costs.

The Shas all stainless. Long plant downtimes now belong to the past.

In addition, time-consuming parameter- izations when changing sensors are eliminated as the necessary data is . JUMO sensor and measuring system production. JUMO differential pressure transmitter. JUMO pressure sensors with IO-Link. Browse our latest pressure-sensors offers.

V (output 0(4) to mA). Ripple: the voltage spikes must not go above or below the values specified for the voltage supply. All pressure transmitters are vacuum-proof.

Permissible load change. Silicon sensor with stainless steel separating diaphragm. CANopen output, integrated temperature sensor , JUMO CANtrans pT. Low pressure from mbar, pressure transmitter. Pressure transfer medium.

Industrial pressure transmitter . Contact the manufacturer directly to receive a quote. Time-saving and simple configuration on the device or . It is equipped with an IO-Link interface. Jumo RTD Temperature Sensor Screw-in Probe . Minimum Operating Temperature.

Maximum Operating Temperature. Hydraulic Flui Pneumatic Fluid. JUMO is your expert partner and manufacturer for industrial sensor technology up to the automation solution for temperature, pressure , and liquids.

Additional outputs are available on request. Wireless-based temperature sensors provide effective and convenient alternatives compared to hard-wired systems, particularly at higher process temperatures.

There are no vulnerable, costly, cable connections and the wireless-based temperature and pressure sensor technology also works in a harsh, industrial .