Minipresso gr

Add ground coffee to the filter basket with the help of the integrated scoop. Apply slight pressure to level the grind. Add hot water into the water tank. Finally unlock from its travel position the piston and pump a few strokes to pressurize and extract perfect espresso . Minipresso GR is simple and intuitive to operate.

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Shop with confidence on eBay! This revolutionary handheld espresso maker puts the power to make rich and balanced espresso into your hands, wherever you are. This portable espresso machine fits in your pack and uses pressure to extract a rich, bold shot. Ordering from New Zealand?

Just add ground coffee to the. It brews a surprisingly good shot, on par with the Nespresso machines we teste and is the most rugged of the two portable models we tested. Plus, the required cleanup is. Grind at your convenience, you have more control over the preparation which will translate into being able of achieving perfect espresso .

At under 1lb and long, it fits in your backpack, carry on luggage, glove box, or desk drawer. Pull amazing shots on your schedule, waking up or the craving just hits. We are taking espresso on the roa way . Prepare amazing espresso anywhere, with a handheld minipresso machine.

MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker. Be it for hiking, camping, on the road or at the office, there is no more waiting for a strong hit of coffee. Use pre-ground coffee or grind your . By: Leigh McClurg at Pebbleshoo. For traveling or just that at-home latte making moment.

So if you’re camping, traveling, or just staying in for the day, you can still get that crema-love. Compact, lichtgewicht en handig in gebruik. Push through to the semi-automatic piston and presto!

A standard water tank holds 70ml – perfect for sharing or doubling up. Average Pressure: bar. Other: Built in espresso cup and scoop. Once you know, you Newegg!