Msi afterburner guide

This video is a tutorial on how to overclock your graphics card using MSI afterburner and benchmarking with. As long as you follow this guide , the lifespan or health of your graphics card will not decrease. As I have promised with this guide early on. Monitoring In case you came her with a vga.

Skin format reference guide has been updated to v1.

Improved implementation of rollback to . So you fancy yourself a bit of gaming in your spare time. Spent a good amount of your hard-earned cash on your rig to make sure your FPS stays up while enjoying the latest eye candy. GPU but you have no idea how and you might be intimedated by the inital look of the User interface of MSI afterburn, shit looks complicated right?

It allows gamers and enthusiasts to monitor their hardware, record your desktop, benchmark or game footage, capture screenshots, and overclock a variety of GPUs. Recently, support for running . MSI has been very proactive in working with .

Armed with a new trick or two overclocking will never be the same though. Afterburner uses the RivaTuner core along with an MSI designed user interface. Starting an overclock and tweaking. You ought to find a BIOS update utility which will take your downloaded firmware update and guide you through the process. First you need to download it.

Navigate to the install directory, and locate MSIAfterburner. Change these values -Enable Unofficial Overclocking to 1 . An NVIDIA or AMD video card. Some higher end cards may require slightly different instructions , but this guide should work for the majority of cards out there.

In this guide you will not learn how to adjust memory voltage, normally this voltage is locked at 1. Adjust your Core Clock with 50MHz and your Memory Clock with 100MHz in MSI Afterburner. Stress test with either FurMark or start mining. Remember to keep an eye at temperatures when stress testing! A friend of mine with an AMD cpu and a crossfire setup was asking me about cpu bottlenecks.

I was explaining to him about gpu usage etc. If someone could help me with Overclocking my car it would be greatly appreciated.

There are unsupported desktop GPU models that require certain workarounds to have voltage control as well working in MSI Afterburner.