Piezo actuator

Piezoelectric translators (transducers) are precision ceramic actuators which convert electrical energy directly into linear motion with high spee force and virtually unlimited resolution. Stiffness, Load Capacity, Force Generation To a first approximation, a piezo actuator is a spring-and-mass system. The stiffness of the actuator depends on the elasticity module of the ceramic (approx. of that of steel), the cross section and length of the active material, and other nonlinear parameters.

Amplified piezoelectric actuators are specific actuators using piezoelectric materials as active material and have a specific design to overcome traditional limitations of classical direct piezoelectric actuators , the limited stroke. As classical piezoelectric materials have a strain of 0.

A piezoelectric actuator converts an electrical signal into a precisely controlled physical displacement (stroke). If displacement is prevente a useable force ( blocking force) will develop. The precise movement control afforded by piezoelectric actuators is used to finely adjust machining tools, lenses, mirrors, or other . The piezoelectric actuators on this page include modular, screw, and replaceable -tip piezo actuators. Our selection of piezo chips and stacks includes co-fired chips, co-fired stacks, and discrete stacks.

Chips and discrete stacks with through -holes, shear chips, stacks with attached strain gauges, and bimorph bending . The Piezoelectric Actuators developed by CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES have the following outstanding characteristics: high force and large displacement in compact sizes, high resolution within the nanometre range, very short response time below ms, life time greater than 10^cycles, low voltage supply below 150V DC, . Piezo actuators expand or contract when an electrical charge is applie generating motion and force with high frequency and fast response times.

EAdERs In PIEzOtEChnOlOgy. Standard piezo com- ponents for actuator , ultrasonic and sensor application. Manufacturing of piezo – electric components of. Noliac piezo actuators are made as both monolayer and multilayer products. The multilayer piezo actuators are offered as piezo actuator plates and piezo actuator rings (single elements or actuator stacks) and as high temperature stacks and damage tolerant stacks.

Drive and Control Technology with multilayered PZT Piezo Actuators. Piezoceramic actuators utilize the piezoelectric effect: A piezoceramic PZT material expands in the direction of the electrical field when voltage is applied to it. Our Picomotor actuator uses the same principle with a threaded jaw, similar to two halves of a split nut, clamped around a precision 80-pitch screw. One jaw is connected to one end of a piezoelectric transducer, and the other jaw is connected to the other end of the transducer. A slow electrical signal applied to the piezo.

Piezo Actuator is a solid-state ceramic actuator which converts electrical energy directly into mechanical energy with virtually unlimited resolution. Stacked piezo actuators are created by layering multiple piezo elements, taking advantage of their combined expansion to produce movement and force. Murata Icon X Product Lineup. Piezo Vibe is vibration device that is used our unique techn.

Ceramic Switching and Heating and Piezo Components from EPCOS include include PTC Thermistors for Motor Start, PTC Thermistors for Switching Applications, PTC Thermistors as Heating Elements, CeraLink Capacitors, Switching Spark Gaps and Multilayer Piezo Actuators.