Pt1000 table

DiagraPt 1characteristic. Item1: Pt 100: 1ohm at 0°C. Platinum resistance temperature sensors. Winding temperature monitoring and surface temperature measuring with the Pt100- Sensor. Technical Support Bulletin Nr.

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Temperatura R nominal (Ohm). Pt100-screw-in-sensor and surface sensor. The linear relationship of the resistor to temperature, simplifies its use in many. RTD: resistance temperature device. Linear resistance change with temperature.

Positive temperature coefficient. Wire-wound or thick film metal resistor. Note: At 100°C, resistance is 138. RF = Resistance of Tmeasuring element (only for use when setting up a temperature simulator) .

Specific see Table below. They have a round shape and external aluminum sides with black finish. The sensors are potted by a silicone resin.

The difference with Pt1is that the value varies only 0. In case of platinum detectors the resistance rises with the rise of temperature. What Different Types of RTD are available? Steps to choosing an RTD. RTD vs Thermocouple Comparison Video.

Benefits of Mineral Insulated RTDs. Bend Radius of Mineral Insulated RTDs. Temperature Vs Resistance for Pt1Sensors (Pt1Resistance table ). The conversion is done using the common IEC rtd values. Only use this calculator for reference as we cannot guarantee the to be error free.

Measured Resistance (Ohms) . Some important characteristics of this ADC are listed in. Model : PT 1temperature sensor class B , with wires in a sheath of. Standard measuring range from -50°C to 250°C.