Raynox 250 macro kit

The kit comes as a snap on mount plus the lens, which screws into the mount. The minimum focusing distance is the closest you can get to your subject and still achieve proper focus. Front Mount Diameter ‎: ‎49mm Magnification ‎: ‎2. This is a lovely combination and works very well for extreme macro in the field.

If it doesnt fit your camera you need. Apr The DCR – 2can be used in front of a number of lenses, to increase their magnification.

It clips quite easily, although it may need the addition of a number of step-down rings to be fitted to lenses with small filter threads. Also really like its convenient macro mode. Digital Photography Review: All the latest digital camera reviews and digital imaging news. Raynox DCR 2is not a lens in itself. Lively discussion forums.

Vast samples galleries and the largest database of digital camera specifications. Great bugs and great shots, really well done! I set the lens at 50mm but you can also use it in macro mode (43mm).

Use at 50mm for maximum magnification with the raynox.

Dec With a macro converter like the DCR 2you are going to be trying to balance between getting a workable depth of field (creatively interesting, but challenging) with longer lenses, and getting rid of vignetting when shooting wide. SHOOT Way Macro Focusing Rail Slider for Close-up Shooting for Canon Sony Pentax…. Jul A brief presentation what E-Mcan do with these accessories: – Olympus M. Dec The P9is disappointing in macro mode because it is not macro at the tele end. DCR – 2Super Macro lens obtains the maximum macro magnification power when set at the most telephoto position of zoom lens.

Simply attach this lens to the standard lens kit or zoom lens, instead of buying expensive original macro DSLR lenses, if you have no qualms about shooting objects at a shorter focusing. Introducing Fotodiox RB2A 77mm Macro Reverse Ring Kit w Nikon G DX Lens Aperture Control Lens Cap 52mm UV Protector. Great Product and follow us to get more updates!

Aug The DCR – 2macro converter lens can be used with any DSLR lens in the range of 50mm to 300mm. The patented universal adapter allows this lens to be mounted directly to any DSLR lens or compact digital camera with a filter size ranging from 52mm to 67mm. If a digital camera has an . If you wnat to get closer get a . Sherm, Not sure what you mean.

The advantages are following: 1. The entire setup is economic. The lens is built out of high index optical glass an.