Stand up pouches

Stand Up Pouches for Growing Brands and Larger Brands interested in packaging supply chain management. Make your shelf presence known with our beautiful line of stand – up pouches. Each bag comes standard with a convenient tear notch.

Zip lock feature is available in smaller 1oz and 2oz sizes but built-in on 4oz size and up. With its wider panel, it covers more shelf space making it hard for anybody to.

IMPAK Corporation stock ounce to 14. Our pouches has different materials like polyester, bopp, brown paper, white paper etc…. With their ability to stand securely on shelves, stand up pouches have long been used as an excellent replacement for traditional bag-in-box packaging. This trend is only continuing to grow and stand up pouches are as popular as ever. Each of our stock bags comes equipped with a convenient tear notch and zip closure . Featuring high barrier fresh protection, heat seal, tear notches and re-closeable zip.

Pacific Bag offers a wide variety of sizes, materials, and options in their stand – up pouch line.

From compostable Biotre stand – up pouches to rice paper pouches, PBi has what you need to protect your product from the elements. Items – Our Stand Up Pouch offers a positive mix of design cues and quality to provide you with a professional self-standing packaging solution. Made with a bottom gusset, which gives it self-standing strength, it is ideal for shops and general display needs in the retail market.

Couple this with the optional Zipper and . Stand up pouches are quickly becoming a staple in the flexible packaging industry for their great shelf display abilities. The extensive collections available give customers an expansive selection and provide increased options for package design. Our wide array of stand up pouches makes it extremely easy to customize . There are main stand up pouch styles: Doyen (Round Bottom), K-Seal and Corner Bottom (Plow Bottom). Read here for info about each style of stand up pouch. It has great shelf display ability and being extremely easy to pack.

Silver Heat Seal Sample Packet – inch x 4. We have an extensive collection which gives customers a large selection with many options for their packaging design. We offer customized valve location. At Paper Mart, we have a wide variety of stand – up food pouches and bags for our customers to choose from. Stock up on our wholesale products today.

Caspak is a specialist in barrier packaging supplying stand up pouches.

Our standup pouches are available in many colors and sizes. Big quantities are no problem. Order easily online smaller quantities! For Our Newsletter.