Stihl 271

Vielseitige, robuste Benzinmotorsäge mit sparsamem 2-MIX-Motor und Langzeit- Luftfiltersystem. Olcsó MS2Láncfűrészek árak, akciók. STIHL MS 2vélemények. A centrifugális erő révén a nagyobb és nehezebb szennyező.

Shop with confidence on eBay! High performance mid-range option for the demanding farmer, gardener or landscaper.

Mnohostranná, robustní pila s benzinovým motorem s úsporným motorem 2-MIX a dlouhodobým systémem filtrace vzduchu. This chainsaw is a great all rounder, strong enough to cut down big trees but without the weight you expect of a saw with this power. Loaded with features like the the pre-separation air filter system which drastically . Allsidig, robust kW bensinmotorsag med økonomisk 2-MIX motor og lang levetid.

Praktisk allrounder for bønder, landskapspleiere, bygningsarbeidere og snekkere. Its highly efficient engine cuts exhaust emissions in half compared to the MS 270. Monipuolinen, vankka kW moottorisaha ympäristöystävällisellä 2-MIX moottorilla ja pitkän huoltovälin ilmansuodatinjärjestelmällä.

Egyszerűen karbantartható és szervizelhető. An improved lowemission, fuelefficient engine cuts emissions by when compared to previous models and delivers longer run times than traditional 2stroke .

Team FIN tested this American-made . MIX i systemem filtrów powietrza o długiej żywotności. The Ematic system can reduce bar oil consumption up to. Single-lever master control. All important functions such as start, choke, throttle and stop . A high-performance, high-tech, fuel-efficient chainsaw.

It starts with a highly efficient engine that delivers longer run times between refuelings – while cutting exhaust emissions in half compared to the MS 270. It offers good value in its class, and as an added bonus slinging it through the daily sawing . Designed with a stratified scavenging engine and modern construction technology, it features enhanced ergonomics and advanced anti-vibration system for operator convenience and comfort. Stihl MS 2Review: My First Love.

We offer this and much more, so check out our website for more details! Durable chain saw for all around use. Système anti-vibrations : offre plus de.

It has a highly efficient engine delivering longer run times between refuelings – while cutting exhaust emissions in half.