Texas chainsaw massacre 1974

It stars Marilyn Burns, Paul A. P Gunnar Hansen one of the greatest horror movie actors. Most noteworthy is Leatherface who is the bloke who wields the power saw and has a penchant for human flesh. Though the film did not enjoy immediate success at the box office, it has since gathered a hefty cult following. Directed by Tobe Hooper, Texas Chainsaw Massacre is considered by many to be groundbreaking .

And yet in its own way, the movie is some kind . Young adults (Marilyn Burns, Allen Danziger) encounter a demented family of butchers. Hillary Swank was born and Jack Benny died. Right along side Chinatown , The Godfather, Part II , and Young Frankenstein , a film is released that would raise the bar for horror films to . But I want to argue that it deserves even more respect—and dare I say, your respect.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre summary of box office , charts and release information and related links. You owe it to yourself to see what the best of the genre looks like. A spare and entirely unsentimental tale of five .

BLOOIf you read any of the outrage surrounding the release of this movie— especially from the eminent writers and New York literati who attacked it—of the three words in the title, the one they found most offensive was not “ chainsaw ” or “ massacre. They believed that the movie was a justification of a violent outlaw state. It has been called grisly, sick, and perverse, as well as raw, unshakeable, and the movie that redefined horror. It was attacked by churches, banned by governments, and acclaimed by only the bravest of critics.

Cast: Marilyn Burns, Paul A. Rated: Rated R (for strong violence and language). Become a member to write your own review. Best for older teens and adults only. For some though, the details of The Texas Chain Saw . Aug Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Find event and ticket information.

Mar The most powerful horror films, moreover, continue to engage with social issues well after their particular moment of production. Jerry opens the freezer to find Pam. She jumps upwards and leatherface runs into the room. Leatherface jumps out at Franklin when him and Sally are walking through the trees.

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Hooper was one of a group of pioneering . Browse theatres by market area. The slasher film would evolve into a formula of highly sexualize graphic violence with minimal plot and buckets of blood and a key Final Girl who outlives her teenage counterparts and emerges from the .