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User manual digital tachograph release 2. Short instruction driver digital tachograph release 1. Have repair and calibration work done by authorised workshops only. Details refer to “Compulsory. Tachograph inspections” on page .

How to complete manual entries on the new 1. Fitted to all new vehicles from Oct and when. Leading international supplier. Reading tachograph cards. The Vehicle Unit Download Device downloads data from digital tachograph vehicle units (VUs) from all current.

Choice of SD Memory Card. Siemens VDO digital tachograph the message “ Download Fault 12” may. DRIVERS SHORT OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS.

Display and Operating Elements. UTC Time (Universal Time Co-ordinated). The digital tachograph and driver card saves all time entries for mode activities in.

Automobile Accessories VDO DLKPro Download Key User Manual. Advanced digital tachograph solutions (pages). Rearview mirror with integrated 4“ colour tft display (pages) . Getting started with the DLKPro.

With the DLKPro you can. You have two responsibilities. VDO develops and produces digital tachograph systems according the national legal demands world-wide. Name, Type, Description.

Workshop Report Manual , Manual for the WorkshopReport application stored on your Workshopkey, Download. This manual documents the use . All relevant vehicles manufactured in the EU since must be fitted with digital tachograph heads. Here you will find user guides and other pieces of useful information to help you deal with your tachograph downloads, download keys etc.

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VDO Trading GmbH shall accept no liability for program errors and for incorrect information in the documentation or for any consequential damages arising from this. Mass storage download for digital tachographs. Robust, repair shop suitable housing . A communication error has occurred while downloading card or mass memory àص. Continental VDO Event and Fault Codes.

Process not possible, tachograph card is not accepted and is ejected ï؟ث.