Acrylic cutter

Score the acrylic several more times along the same line, then place the acrylic on the edge of the table and use light, quick pressure to snap the piece in two. High tooth-count plastic- cutting blades are . In this video I cut 3mm Perspex using a cutter I bought off Ebay for a couple of $$ $ just search for Perspex. Free Shipping on eligible items. Save on everyday low prices.

For straight cuts, I use a table saw with a plywood cutting blade and for curves, a saber saw with a special blade designed for cutting acrylic.

Just move the saw through the cut without forcing it. Acrylic sheet is always a go-to for me when building something. It’s relatively cheap, durable, and able to be used for a variety of applications. You can purchase the blades at most . Product Description: A hand held acrylic scoring tool used to quickly size acrylic plexi type material used in general picture framing. Features a fold back blade and can be used with most Logan board mount mat cutters or any suitable straight edge.

The advantage of using a jigsaw is the ability to cut shapes with rounded corners, however cutting too slowly can melt the acrylic and applying too much pressure can cause the edges to chip. Using lubricating oil can help prevent friction from building to a point where the acrylic begins to melt, but take care to avoid . Make your first product FREE.

Plexiglass, the generic name for acrylic sheet, is an incredibly durable material with near-limitless applications. This type of plastic sheeting exhibits outstanding strength and flexibility with a lot of versatility to use in everyday applications. Plastic sheet can be easily trimmed using this cutting tool. The ergonomically designed handle provides a firm, comfortable grip, allowing for straight, precise cuts. Can be used to cut OPTIX acrylic , LEXAN polycarbonate, as well as a variety of other plastic sheet products.

Heavy duty cutter for use on acrylic and polycarbonate sheet products. The double bevel scoring edge gives you a long lasting clean cut. Its ergonomically shaped handle helps fight hand fatigue allowing you to make more cuts comfortably. This cutting tool is used when trimming acrylic or hard plastic products.

It allows you to make straight, precise cuts. Sheets of polymethyl methacrylate or PMMA (also known as acrylic or Plexiglas) have been used to replace less-durable materials like glass in many different ways. The blade is made with the highest quality steel for higher abrasion resistance that allows prolonged use without wear.

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