Alsident system 50

Find more information here. The choice of hood material depends on model and material version. Düse und Rohr aus chromatisiertem Aluminium TCP bzw.

ALSIDENT suction nozzle DN (AS), antistatic 1mm wide. The joints make the arm easy to adjust and place in .

Alsident system , veggfeste. The mounting brackets are made of black or white powder coated steel. The bracket versions are either table brackets for fixing on the edge of a table, wall brackets or a wide selection of columns for ceiling . We believe on longterm, knowledge-base steady relations with staff and partners, acknowledging their efforts over the years and their role in our development towards our current position. Przeznaczone do zastosowania w pracowniach szkolnych, laboratoriach zakładów chemicznych, farmaceutycznych oraz zakładach branży . A tartó konzolok fekete vagy fehér porszórt acélból készülnek.

Típusai: asztali konzol az asztal szélére való telepítéshez, fali konzol vagy a széles választékban megtalálható mennyezeti tartó oszlopok . System Flex uten ledd.

Security for optimal action – and a safe working environment. Application possibilities. SYSTEM steht Ihnen eine große . Areas of applications are within the electronic and pharmaceutical industries, laboratories, schools, hairdressing salons and nail studios.

Today the company provides a broad range of source capture arms to more than industries in more than countries around the globe. ESD-områder i elektronikindustrien. All plastic components are made of shock resistant propylene and aluminum components are anodized. Support rods, springs and screws are made of acid resistant. Reserva- dos todos los derechos.

Pequeño brazo articulado para aspiración localizada. One extractor arm has three hinge points and one extractor arms has two hinge points. Technical specifications. Arms with three hinge points: Length column to 1st pivot point: 112.

Distance between 1st and 2nd hinge point: 34. The arm can be easily positioned anywhere on the length of track. We also offer the Sytem benchtop hoods.

Forhandler også følgende produkter. Afzuigarmen diameter mm. Blokkeermechanisme voor gasveren. Door plaatsing van dit blokje op de bovenste gasveer kan voorkomen .