Analog discovery 2

With the addition of the BNC adapter and scope probes, professional or experienced engineers can access the full 30MHz bandwidth oscilloscope and 12MHz bandwidth waveform generator. Es ist ein Multifunktionsinstrument, um gemischte Signalstromkreise aller Art zu messen, zu visualisieren, zu erzeugen, aufzuzeichnen und zu steuern. Das kostengünstige Gerät ist klein . I recently opened the mailbox to find a little device about the size of White Castle burger.

It is hard to categorize exactly what it is. On the face of it, it is a USB scope and logic analyzer.

But it is also a waveform generator, a DC power supply, a pattern generator, . This device connects to a standard USB port and has many built-in functions including an oscilloscope, a logic analyzer, a spectrum analyzer, a function generator, . Analog Discovery Introduction More information about the Analog Discovery is available on our new. Shop with confidence on eBay! Heute bestellt, morgen geliefert! Prüfen Sie unser reichhaltiges Angebot.

Ever think of using logic analyzer or oscilloscope to troubleshoot your project? It is super portable where you can bring it any place.

Low-cost hardware development platform for analog circuit design using Data Acquisition Toolbox. Advanced instrumentation in the hands of every student. Jetzt klicken und Termin vereinbaren.

Digilent Analog discovery Kit. Currently Not Available Online. A whole day of fumbling, compressed into an action-packed video for your entertainment and convenience.

W max for each supply when using an external wall power supply. Single channel voltmeter (AC, DC, ±25V). Developed in conjunction with Analog Devices and supported by. The walk-through is fairly rapid so.

Please take a moment and take our listener survey! DAD-UF-s, both available . Not all content in a module is available to everyone. The one I have used is a small form factor unit from a Shuttle computer.