Beam clamp

An extensive range of fixing designed to secure secondary steel work and building services equipment, such as cable trays, pipework, strengthening steel work to primary steelwork without any need for on-site drilling or welding. Beam Clamp Retainer Strap. Stainless steel and other materials are available. The standard finishes for mechanical supports are plain steel (oil coated) sometimes referred to as black and Electro-Galvanized. Setscrew must be tightened and torqued onto the sloped side of the I- beam.

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Pentair reserves the right to change specifications . Graybar is your trusted distributor for Fittings. As part of its wide range of electric hardware, Minerallac provides different styles of flange clamps , including steel, malleable iron and spring steel. The inch beam clamp is intended for use in supporting threaded ro threaded brindle ring or electrical box. A range of beam clamps for different applications, including the BCU universal clamp designed not only for vertical use, but also for side load applications, where conventional clamps are not suitable. Malleable iron construction is durable and.

An all steel clamp for attaching to steel beams providing a quick versatile rigging point. This beam clamp is manufactured with a forged steel attachment eye.

Fixing to the channel regardless the orientation of channel opening or slotted side. Finish: Plain or Zinc Plated. Service: Recommended for supporting pipe from the bottom flange of beams.

Ordering: Specify rod size, figure number, name and . EzyStrut beam clamps suit a wide variety of clamping applications and eliminate the need to drill structures in most circumstances. The spring loaded handle locks after adjustment. Aluminum construction is . The open U design permits rod adjustment.

A beam clamp is a simple and safe temporary anchor point. Ideal for quick attachment of loads using threaded spindle. The clamp can be installed by twisting the spindle, place it over the flange and close tightly. Clamped jaws reduce beam stress by applying the load inside the flanged edge. One and Two Ton Models).

Two ton model adjusts to fit 3-inch to 12- inch steel beam. Slip proof notches for easy installation. Manufactured with all grade hardware. Both models are 1 black in color.

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