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Two of its servers are located in the US and one in the EU. Join us and make your own bitcoins! No spamming or begging for.

Unless you do it for fun, you should take care to read about the hardware to use to make your Bitcoin mining profitable. If you have an ATI graphics car you must ensure. Please note: This review is based on a relatively small amount of hashing, a few hundred ghs. BitMinter aims to make it easy for anyone to mine bitcoins.

The stats outlined in this review may not apply to larger miners.

Pools are basically networks of people who mine bitcoin and distribute the workload among their machines. As a miner in a pool, you will be paid a fraction of the pools income based on how much you contribute to the pool, compared to the other miners. So it all depends on how powerful your mining setup is. Their mining software is a Java app.

While Java can be a good choice for providing a single app for multiple platforms, recent changes in the Java runtime environment on . If you want to call users methods, you need to set the apikey. The pool methods work without it. Your work is recorded in shifts.

When we create a new block you get a share of the income proportional to how much of the work in the last completed shifts is yours. This reward system is known as PPLNS with shifts. It displays the current amount of bitcoin you have mined in the pool, and the GHPS. The service provides tools for managing balances of bitcoin virtual currency. API methods support summaries of statistics for . I believe the problem here is that you have no compatible hardware which can work with Bitminter.

You either need an ASIC or an OpenCL-comptabile graphics card. Has anyone had any thoughts on running a Bitcoin mining client, or a mining pool client, on the ReadyNAS?