Browning 725

Browning B7Shotgun Review. If you want something for high birds and sporting clays, you should look no further. Low- profile steel receiver with a silver nitride finish is enhanced with accente high- relief engraving.

Glossy walnut stock with close-radius pistol grip delivers a sleek and classic look. There have been so many versions of the Citori introduced over the years that it would be easy to . Wood-to-metal fit is paramount on .

Manufacturers have a habit of making cosmetic changes to guns and presenting them as new models. For clays or birds, the 7Citori Field over-under will provide satisfaction for years. Lower profile action, mechanical, adjustable gold washed trigger mechanism. BROWNING 7CITORI Gauge: 1 2 or. Features include a new receiver that is significantly lower in profile than other 12-gauge Citori models.

Citori 7trap model with an adjustable comb at my Lgs. Other features include a mechanical trigger, . Gun model upgrades are nothing new. Notes, Gun lock, choke key.

Price: 7Field (or 20). The 7receiver is significantly lower than other Citori receivers, yet the 7shares the renowned durability of generations of Citori . This version of the B7has . The latest model in the line is the 7Citori Field. Sporting shotguns are the bridge between pure hunting shotguns and competition shotguns. All models are primarily intended for parcours shooting, but they can also be used for trap and skeet.

Barrels: 30″ Chokes: Variable L. I have the 7Sporting with barrels in gauge. I have recently purchased some gauge companion tubes from Briley. I absolutely love shooting the gauge for skeet but like the gauge for sporting clays.

Far from just a cosmetic variation, the 7is a completely redesigned Citori. Teste as shown above, is the inch barrel field model. The gloss oil finish walnut stock features cut checkering with a close radius pistol grip.

The 7Field features Vector Pro lengthened forcing cones and comes with Invector-DS choke tubes, . Read the full review at GUN DOG.