Butterfly valve

A butterfly valve is a valve that isolates or regulates the flow of a fluid. The closing mechanism is a disk that rotates. Butterfly valves engineered by Bray including resilient seated butterfly valves , double offset high performance butterfly valves , triple offset premier isolation butterfly valves and high performance valves for the sugar industry. The main designs are centric or eccentric.

Growth of the company has been closely associated with the growth of the rubber seat butterfly valve. There are different types of butterfly valves , and each type has unique design features and applications.

Each type is defined by the orientation of the stem to the disc and the seating angle that the disc closes on. DeZURIK – Butterfly Valves. AWWA Butterfly Valves (BAW). High Performance Butterfly Valves (BHP).

Uninterrupted Seat Resilient Seated Butterfly Valves. Ideal for precision throttling and on-off applications, especially in lighter-weight piping systems, the Flowserve family of butterfly valves is often specified for its versatility. Outstanding throttling accuracy for process control is achieved through low-friction, erosion resistant sealing surfaces with very low operating torques. The animation shows an example of how a butterfly valve works.

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With our T-smart butterfly valves we now have improved the product features significantly, unique in this combination. These butterfly valves have a new sealing design and do meet the world wide high hygienic demands for components in process plants. The double-sided valve disc bearing allows a defined seal . MH Butterfly Valves have an innovative and efficient design that offers reliable service with a bubble-tight closure.

This superior design provides ease of adjustment . Available in classes 15 3and 6and in sizes 2” to 48” depending on pressure class. This facilitates a constant DISC-TO-SEAT loading that maintains a leak tight stem seal regardless of disc position. The stem sealing force is constant through the full disc cycle and operating torques are kept low . Viking SupplyNet has partnered with Kennedy, Milwaukee, NIBCO, and Sigma to bring you the finest selection of in-stock butterfly valves. Select products can be found below.

AWWA, wafer, lug, 3-way and actuated butterfly valves. Stainless steel and ductile iron materials available. Browse our vast selection of American made butterfly valves.

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