Dac autoclave

Comply with hygiene standards at the touch of a button and avoid cross contamination: Completely safe with DAC Universal. Your patients and employees can rely on this all-round protection and put their complete trust in the treatment with the reprocesse disinfected or sterilized instruments. An investment in quality: Safe, reliable sterilization and ideal drying for your dental instruments with DAC Professional class of autoclaves. DAC Premium and DAC Premium Plus use the same double-walled sterilization chambers (twin chamber technology) as hospital autoclaves.

The chambers are preheated with steam, which is then used for sterilization. You save time, energy costs and both you and your patients are protected by the best possible .

Cleans, lubricates and sterilizes hand pieces and turbines in approx. Get cleaner handpieces and. Pre-purchase Infomation. PRE -PURCHASE INFORMATION. The DAC UNIVERSAL is specially designed for treatment of dental instruments – both wrapped and unwrapped.

The functionality and value retention of your autoclave depends primarily on careful reprocessing of the instruments and the care taken with the device. Several studies have shown that contamination between patients is possible, this happens through bacteria being retracted into the handpieces or turbines and being expelled into the mouth of the next patient. To sterilise the handpieces and turbines between each patient is the only way to reduce the risk of cross .

Sirona DAC Universal Autoclave. Showing the single result. El autoclave combinado limpia, lubrica y esteriliza hasta seis piezas de mano y contra-ángulos y turbinas con solo presionar un botón. En el DAC Universal usted también podrá preparar las puntas de ultrasonido y piezas de mano, los adaptadores para jeringas multifunción y los instrumentos macizos con una seguridad . Contact the manufacturer directly to receive a quote. Using the standard lid of the DaC Universal , you will have up to six thoroughly cleane lubricated and sterilized handpieces and turbines ready for use.

Dr Tom Stevenson BDSc FRACDS Dr Emily Yong BHSc (Dent) MDent. Vacuum autoclave class B to satisfy the most demanding requirements . It is thus more versatile than any other instrument reprocessing unit. The universal combination autoclave. Periodically, it is necessary to add water to the DAC UNIVERSAL.

It is important to make sure that the water is added to the water tank, cf. To ensure long durability of the instruments and the autoclave, it is important only to use demineralised or distilled water in the DAC UNIVERSAL. Tap water contains a very . Designed to produce high quality demineralized water with conductivity less than μS by reverse osmosis and ion exchange system, this equipment can be directly connected to a multifunction DAC .