Depc water

It does so by the covalent modification of histidine (most strongly), lysine, cysteine, and tyrosine residues. DEPC -treated (and therefore RNase-free) water. It is prepared by incubating with 0. Performance and Quality Testing: No DNase or RNase activity detected. DEPC ), and is then autoclaved to remove the DEPC.

Highlights Free of endo-, exodeoxyribonucleases, ribonucleases, and phosphatases.

If you have ever worked with RNA, you know about DEPC (diethylpyrocarbonate). You add it to water at a concentration of 0. C for two hours or at room temperature overnight an as if targeted by a magic bullet, the RNAses that may have been in the water are gone. Then, you autoclave the . DEPC is effective as a nuclease inhibitor.

It reacts with many enzymes containing -NH, -SH or -OH groups in their active sites. The DEPC will not immediately dissolve, as evidenced by the appearance of globules. Match Criteria: Product Name, Description.

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Sterile-filtered water treated with diethyl pyrocarbonate ( DEPC ). Find MSDS or SDS, a COA, data sheets and more information. Abstract: Solutions ( water and other solutions) should be treated with 0. The product was confirmed to be RNase-free and DNase free. Apperance is clear liquid. Huang YH(1), Leblanc P, Apostolou V, Stewart B, Moreland RB. Catalog No, Preps, Price.

SKU: PR0Category: Buffers and Enzymes. Description: DEPC -Treated Water. There are no reviews yet. Application: For use in molecular cloning to inactivate trace RNAse that may contaminate solutions, glassware and plasticware to be used for the preparation of mRNA and nuclear RNA.

Teknova DEPC (diethyl pyrocarbonate) treated water is prepared with 0. Compare Water ( DEPC ) from leading suppliers on Biocompare. For optimal stability, oligos that are to be stored long term should be stored frozen, at–20°C. DEPC treated water can be acidic which may cause depurination of the oligo resulting in degradation. If the oligos are going to be resuspende.

FREE UPS Ground Shipping! IBI DEPC Treated Water is ideal for all applications in a molecular biology lab including PCR, RT-PCR, restriction enzyme assays, modifying enzyme assays, transfection, cloning, transformation and all general molecular biology lab procedures.

DEPC water is specifically developed for use in .