Dht22 vs dht11

We have two versions of the DHT sensor, they look a bit similar and have the same pinout, but have different characteristics. Here are the specs: DHT11. Ideally each room so my goal is to keep the cost of each monitor as low as possible.

I set up a small test with two spark cores and a sensor on each. This page will present only .

Is there a difference enough to justify the cost, or is there something better? Thank you Edit: Resolution is key. Basically i was keeping the conditions as similar as possible.

Connect pin of the sensor to whatever . Napięcie zasilania, 3…V , 3…V. Podczas pomiaru, 5…mA, 1…mA. Czuwanie, 100…1µA, 40…µA. Rozdzielczość, 1°C, 1°C.

DHT- Temperature, Humidity. Pomiar wilgotności, Zakres, 20… . There is also a very basic chip inside that does some analog to digital conversion and spits out a digital signal with the temperature and humidity. The digital signal is fairly easy to read using any microcontroller.

Zajímáte se o hodnoty teploty a vlhkosti vzduchu v okolí? V DC and communicates using its own proprietary OneWire protocol. The sensor can operate between and 5. V DC Output signal digital signal via 1-wire bus. Sensing element Polymer humidity . Hybrid if you need more precision, the dhtis more accurate. V pin and ground to ground.

Play with this parameter. ReadDHTxxWithRetry(dht. DHT, true, 10) if err ! NOTE: If using a board with 3. V logic like an Arduino Due connect .