Guest Very dirty customer. All in, it cost dollar (incl shipping to europe). This system integrates with different Chinese suppliers, and will eventually offer every type of cheap PCB we can source.

For example, PCBs to less. This used to just be a service that was internal to Dangerous Prototypes to make cheap boards for their own projects. Dirty Cheap Dirty Boards.

The previous campaign received a little more than half of the desired funding in a 30- day campaign. The new campaign received half its funding in a week. That was pretty cool 🙂 I gorget which diameter I asked (mm ?) but it went well.

OTOH Dangerous Prototypes replaced my dashed milling to make a classic milling just as a normal panelized design. However I carefully selected the. Has anybody actually gotten boards from dirtypcbs.

If they have, please post photos. This time I wanted to try out dirtypcbs instea and so far the service have been amazing. Comparing to the only other PCB service I have used so far, the handling time seems pretty similar.

Presumably they make extra in case some PCBs fail the e-test, then mail you all the boards that passed testing. So hey, three extra free boards. First of all the dirty PCB which is corroded is being scanned through a dedicated microscope known as the electron microscope. The electron microscope is well equipped with the x-ray detector which is also energy dispersive. Ian was, to his credit, quite forthright about them still figuring out the best processes for working with the new 4-layer fab, which I think delayed the shipment by about a week.

GitHub is where people build software. Unless you place your PCB in a vacuum environment or fully sealed enclosure, it is inevitable that dust and grime accumulates on the PCB over time. This is especially true for electronics PCB that are used in heavy industrial environments that are dusty all the time. They are also hilarious . I have heard of using alcohol, vinegar and water.

This Pin was discovered by Philippe Lefranc. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Quality is very good for the price. The registration on the soldermask and silkscreen have been a little bit off, but not enough that it was a problem. Back in April, or March, Dangerous Prototypes (DP) opened a PCB service, that is just like Elecrow – free colour, except DP has nothing to do with the manufacturing, they just send your Gerber to some Chinese board house, where your boards would get manufacture if your design meets their capabilities.

The trick is a very low profile and a straight-forward system that needs minimum administration. Is there a quick and dirty way to do this, can I use the mask to create the paste layer? Then is there a way to exclude through holes, such as mounting holes?

A month ago I wrote about the update for the crane controller board.

There I talked about the advantages of professional ordered PCBs over milled PCBs without solder mask. Due to my line of work (IT) I got interested in home automation. A subreddit dedicated to news, articles and general discussions related to the field of electronic engineering. Do not post about something just because it .