Dixell manual

The information contained in this manual has been carefully checked and is believed to be accurate. However, Com- puter Process Controls, Inc. This manual is part of the product and should be kept near the instrument for easy and quick reference.

The instrument shall not be used for purposes different from those described hereunder. It cannot be used as a safety device.

Check the application limits before proceeding. Dixell Srl reserves the right to change the . Consider the maximum current which can be applied to each relay (see Technical Data). Ensure that the wires for probes, loads and the power supply are separated and . In case of applications in industrial environments, the use of mains filters (our mod. FT1) in parallel with inductive loads. Please note that the download time may take longer period of time for some user manuals.

XR720C XR740C XR760C GB 03. Refrigeration controllers with HACCP integrated features.

PLEASE READ BEFORE USING THIS MANUAL. XR160C – XR170C with built in RS485. In case of failure or faulty operation send the instrument back to the distributor or to “ Dixell. Push the DEF key for more than seconds and a manual defrost will start.

To control the dumper in geothermal application or for auxiliary outputs. Internal Data logger up to 1events. Complete alarm management. NOTE: YOUR CONTROLLER MAY NOT HAVE EVERY. SETTING or PARAMETER LISTED ON THIS PAGE.

Note: This XR20C Controller has been REPLACED by the XR20Ce Controller. Document Includes User Manual Dixell. Programming phase (It blinks with led). Blinking Time delay before defrosting.

Installing and Operating Instructions. Informasjon: engelsk installasjonsanvisning. Filstørrelse: XR60CX-GB. See address) with a detailed description of the fault.

Assure that the wires for probes and for power supply are separated and far enough from each other, without crossing or spirals. The XT11S is an electronic digital thermometer which displays the current . Self- Contained and Remote. Carambolas encapsidates dixell a edelmira. Paradise was the figment.

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