Edelkrone wing price

Wing will deliver a perfect straight line for your camera to glide on. Use this manual slider for smooth, gliding linear slides. Approx camera weight was 15lbs and the WING handled it easily. Great little device for getting some movement and able to leave it on tripod full time should you like.

Specifications and Pricing.

The wing has a variable . Carrying capacity: up to 3. Key features include: Collapses to under seven inches. Edelkrone Wing Slider. Simple friction adjustment. Compact Lightweight Slider.

Contrary to the generally accepte complicating and difficult to use camera accessories, edelkrone is known and approved for its smartly designe user-friendly, customer-oriented and innovative products. When shooting still photos, we will go to pretty great lengths to prevent the camera from moving.

With cinema and video shooting, however, camera movements are a regular part of the process, and doing it right can involve some rather fancy equipment such as sliders and rails. Daily Price $6 Weekly Price $195. Attach the Wing to your tripod or other support, then grasp your camera or the . One only needs to look at their PocketSkateror StandPlus to realise that. I would have gotten the sliderplus clone, but the wing seems to be superior in all aspects, what am i missing? I bought a knock sliderplus and it was utter shit, they promised to refund me all including the shipping to return it – cost about $- did `I get the refund?

Een slider zonder rails waarmee makkelijk vloeiende beelden maakt. Lees meer op onze website. Buy edelkrone Wing Slider for Cine Camcorders features Portable, Folding, Manual Slider, Travel Distance. If you want to add super smooth movements to your shots without carrying around bulky sliders, the Wing is a great solution. If it works as promise this is, . Speaking of staying out of your shot, the price is the only thing that may discourage some people.

But compared to the obscenely expensive production gear that Hollywood relies on, the Wing is a relatively affordable way to improve the quality of your own videos, without . I look forward to seeing some footage from it. I sold my Glidetrack back in the day as you needed monk like zen to get consistent moves, and the Kesslers were a little out of my price range.