Flow transmitter

Flow Transmitter are sensors with an electrical transmission output for remote indication of flow rate. The different transmitters are Ultrasonic, Paddlewheel: in-line, adjustable and fixe electromagnetic: adjustable, in-line and fixe and turbine: in-line. Accessories and Fittings for these flow transmitters are . Flow Measurement is the process of measuring fluid in your plant or industry.

A flow meter is an instrument used to measure linear, nonlinear, mass or volumetric flow rate of a liquid or a gas. When choosing flow meters , one should consider such intangible factors as familiarity of plant personnel, their experience with calibration and maintenance, spare parts availability, and mean time between .

Yokogawa has been synonymous with Vortex flow meters since pioneering the industrial vortex flow meter nearly four decades ago. While they both utilize ultrasound to make measurements and can be non- invasive (measure flow from outside the tube, pipe or vessel), they measure flow by very different . There are many differ- ent types of flow meters available on the . Alfa Laval flow transmitters are electromagnetic precision meters used to measure the volumetric flow rate of electrically conductive liquids. Hygienically designe these are excellent choices for use in the dairy, food and biopharm industries. Flow transmitters use several meter technologies, including differential pressure ( DP).

The basic operating principle of DP meters is that a pressure drop across a meter is proportional to the square of the flow rate. VersaFlow flow meters provide accurate measurement of mass flow, density, volumetric flow rate and temperature for gases, pastes, liquids with low viscosity and applications where installation of an in-line meter is difficult.

It is suitable for wide range of pipe sizes and materials. Some flowmeters measure flow as the amount of fluid passing through the flowmeter during a time period (such as 1liters per minute). Other flowmeters measure the totalized amount of fluid that has passed through the flowmeter ( such as 1liters). Flowmeters consist of a primary device, transducer and transmitter. Talk to a Customer Service Engineer today!

Micro Flow Rate Liquid Flow Meter Model F7M . Introduces how to select a flow meter. Flow Knowledge is a website that contains a wealth of information on flow meters and flow sensors. A flow meter for every application: The SITRANS F product line from Siemens represents innovative flow measurement with a long tradition of proven performance in day-to-day applications. Our innovative flow sensors, transmitters and systems are tailor-made to meet your needs – and exceed your expectations.

The ideal instrument for monitoring velocity of flow if you are looking for a reliable product with low cost of ownership. In comparison to the OEM flow sensor (type 200) the type 2is available with a larger variety concerning power supply and outputs. You can choose between various versions as integrated temperature measurement.

This flow sensor without moving parts is insensitive to pollution and persuade by very few loss of pressure . Providing one of the most innovative transmitter design featurung modular outputs, SmartSensor, SensorApplicationMemory and Verification. Lake Variable Area flow meters , often referred to as rotameters, measure flow rate of a liquid or gas by relating linear displacement of an internal “float” or sharp -edged orifice plate (Lake) to a corresponding flow rate. As flow rate increases, the orifice area that the flow moves through also increases – thus, the term “ Variable . The high-precision ultrasonic flow meter NivuFlow 7is used for flow measurement and also in applications with difficult hydraulic conditions.

With ST9 FCI combines superior, equal mass thermal-dispersion flow sensing elements and precision electronics with exacting actual fluid calibration and a choice of rugge industrial enclosures to deliver accurate, highly repeatable flow measurement and long lasting service for the most demanding processes. Our non-intrusive SONARtrac flow meters provide the ultimate solution for your flow measurement needs with no maintenance necessary. Parker HFDE has an extensive range of flow metering products.

Dataflow 4- 20mA and pulse output flow transmitters and the Dataflow Compact inline flow transmitter.