Galvafroid spray

A Zinc rich spray for steel. Ideal for preventing rust after cutting galvanised tubes. Get in touch Request a quote. Galvafroid has a mid-grey, matt finish. Protects ferrous metals against rust.

Suitable as a primer or self-finish. Easily applied by brush or roller. Order online at Screwfix. Quick-drying, spot-weldable primer coat to prevent corrosion. Use to treat galvanised and untreated steel.

FREE next day delivery available, free collection in minutes. It is suitable as both a primer or self-finish where it dries to a mid-grey, matt finish.

SPECIAL FIRE FIGHTING PROCEDURES. Keep run-off water out of sewers and water sources. Use water SPRAY only to cool containers! Do not put water on leaked material. Vapours are heavier than air and may spread near ground to sources of ignition.

Rustoleum paint is suitable for all your metal painting needs, both inside and outside. Unlike conventional metal paint, Rustoleum can be painted directly on to rusty surfaces, with no need for primer or undercoat. This high quality paint is specially formulated to resist moisture and corrosion, offering long lasting rust . Looking to spruce up some rusty spots on an old anchor. Supplier: Arcon Construction Supplies.

Fantasic Anti -Corrosion Paint And Long Lasting. Available for Delivery Across Ireland. A film galvanising touch up to match a hot dip galvanised surface in an easy to use semi gloss aerosol.

An ergonomic spray can attachment to provide maximium control when using aerosols to complete large projects. Quantity: In stock Out of Stock .

Cold Galvanising Spray 400ml. If you mean genuine hot spray zinc such as is applied . Black, Smooth, 750ml, Brush, Metal, -,.