Isolator synonym

Top isolator synonyms (other words for isolator) are discriminator, insulator and abstractor. En isolator är det skydd i plast eller porslin som man kan se på ledningarna närmast elstolparna och som ska förhindra att människor och djur kommer i kontakt med de . Synonyms for isolator at Synonyms. For the optical component, see optical isolator. Schematic diagram of an opto isolator showing source of light (LED) on the left, dielectric barrier in the center, and sensor (phototransistor) on… ….

Network isolator — Network isolators are installed as part of a copper Ethernet system, as galvanic isolators. Wörterbuch der deutschen Sprache. English dictionary definition of isolator.

To cause to be alone or apart, as in being inaccessible or unable to move about: The police isolated the. See fiber optic isolator , optical isolator , waveguide isolator. Pertaining to a material with properties, such as density, electrical conductivity, electric permittivity, magnetic permeability, chemical composition, and refractive index, that do not vary with . Die Reinigungsdienstleister, die mit Cold Jet Systemen arbeiten, sind in der Versorgungswirtschaft, in Sanierung und Katastrophenschutz, der Druckindustrie , der Kunststoffindustrie und zahllosen anderen Branchen erfolgreich.

Cold Jet Trockeneisstrahlen ermöglicht es Dienstleistern, Schaltanlagen und Isolatoren zu. IR: Abbreviation for Infrared. Irradiance: Radiant power incident per unit area upon a surface, expressed in Watts per square meter. Power density” is colloquially used as a synonym. Isolator : A device intended to prevent return reflections along a transmission path.

The Faraday isolator uses the . An optical isolator is a passive magneto-optic device that makes travel of light unidirectionally. The operation of the device is based on the Faraday effect. It is used in applications to avoid unwanted feedback to the system using the optical isolator. Optical isolators are also known as optoisolators, optocouplers and . MSGI MULTI STATION GAGE ISOLATORS. The MSGI Series is a Multiple Station Gage Isolator with an integrated pressure gage that provides a central point for reading pressure at multiple monitored stations.

Integrated snubber function which protects the. Finn synonymer til isolator og andre relaterte ord. Gratis norsk synonymordbok på nett. Such switches are often found in electrical distribution and .

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