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Our extensive product range provides customizable solutions for a variety of industries, from . JUMO offers a multi-faceted program of platinum temperature sensors. We supply precision and long-term stability for the clean room. K are produced in series.

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La température est une des grandeurs de mesure les plus importantes dans de nombreuses branches. JUMO , votre partenaire pour la mesure de la température précise, propose dans ce domaine une vaste gamme de produits – comprenant capteurs de température , sondes à résistance et thermocouples. Ideal for high Humidity areas, withstands water wash down.

RTD temperature probe for process technology with ATEX approval.

The thermometers consist of a protection fitting with various process connection. JUMO dTRON 30 format 96mm x 48mm (landscape format) incl. Dial thermometers are universal devices used for temperature measurement and monitoring.

JUMO perfected the manufacturing of high-quality precise and long-term-stable temperature probes as a core com- petence. Since this time, JUMO has produced top-rate RTD. JUMO is your expert partner and manufacturer for industrial sensor technology up to the automation solution for temperature , pressure, and liquids. Ever since this era of development, JUMO. The continuous analog signal . C are generally measured using.

Temperatures up to approximately. The plat- inum temperature sensor . There are also other perfectly obvious advantages. In hard-wired systems, long connecting cables almost always hinder the user.

Wireless-based temperature sensors provide . Pre-tinned connection wires simplify processing. Platinum temperature sensors are regarded as robust, long-lasting, and reliable. They are characterized by good vibration resistance as well .

Due to the persistent shortages of nickel and chromium, Junkers engineers could not use the best high- temperature -resistant alloys in their jet engines. The turbine blades fitted to the Jumo 0were manufactured from a steel-based alloy containing nickel and chromium. This material was insufficiently resilient for . Interestingly, the axial-flow combustion chamber was also the most problematic stage of the system. Jumo 0B-and B-2) for quick , air-coole hollow blades were put under development from the beginning.

Especially since it was realised that for a given limiting stress in a turbine wheel, a higher rotational speed and thrust was possible with the lighter, hollow blades at higher temperatures and thus lower . ABB Type Designation: PT1JUMO. Long Description: PT1JUMO .