Keystone valves

ValveLite is a Canadian distributor of High Quality Industrial Valves and other high quality precision products for the automation of equipment and the control of air, liquids and gases in a wide array of commercial and industrial applications. KEYSTONE VALVES has a comprehensive range of valves to suit many industrial applications. Since then they have developed many butterfly valve styles designed to suit various applications and industries. Triple function resilient seat helps provide bi-directional drop-tight shut-off, designed to totally isolate the valve body and stem from the line media.

Molded-in O-ring seat design serves as flange seals, eliminating the need for gaskets between the flanges and the valve.

Our comprehensive shut-off valve line features both manual and pneumatic drive options, including lockable handles and vertical actuators. Figure 9provides drilled and tapped lugs around the valve body, compatible . Valve Size, Item Name,Description,Item Code,Dimension B,Dimension E,Top Plate Drilling,Ø G,Dimension. One—piece body with extended neck allows clearance for flanges and insulation. Each valve is factory—tested to.

Resilient seated butterfly valves. AR(wafer) (to 36), to .

A local business partner of. Another important feature is the use of a rocker shaped packing gland bridge that compensates for uneven tightening of the packing gland bolts eliminating packing leaks due to uneven packing compression. Blow-out Resistant Shaft (BOR). Nobody expects more from us than we do. Offering solid performance and low cost of ownership.

Wafer and lugged body design with face-to-face dimension, according to EN 558. Designed according to EN 5and API 609. The seat is field replaceable and fully isolates the body and shaft from the flow.

Primary shaft sealing exceeds the pressure rating of the valve and prevents leakage. Join LinkedIn today for free. Features and Benefits: Primary stem seal, formed by preloaded contact of disc hub with flatted seat surfaces, completely isolates stem and body from the line media.

Secondary stem seal, formed by an engineered interference fit of the stem through the seat, provides additional . It offers resilient seated butterfly valves, hi-performance butterfly valves, double flanged butterfly valves, cryogenic butterfly valves, wafer type rubber seated butterfly valves, butterfly valves for nuclear . This model features a tight shut off in both directions at full pressure. The O-ring molded in the seat eliminates the need for flange gaskets used in flange sealing. You can quickly center the valve as it comes with body locating holes with enough clearance provided by an extended neck.

Click here to buy online . Pentair reserves the right to change the contents without notice. Engineering Instructions, to . Butterfly valves Figure 9.