Laser marking

Laser engraving , which is a subset of laser marking , is the practice of using lasers to engrave an object. A manifold of options and integrable laser beam sources make application- specific solutions easy to implement. China laser engraving machine, fiber laser marking , stainless steel nameplate laser engraving. Thanks to industrial and government regulations regarding clearly legible product and part identification, the processes of laser marking , laser etching and laser engraving are increasing in popularity.

All three of these laser services provide a permanent marking solution, fulfilling regulations and adding distinction to your . There is one company known not just for innovation and leadership in industrial laser marking system technology, but also for problem-solving prowess.

Telesis was one of the first to apply fiber lasers for marking applications, and we now offer a . Laser marking stands for marking or labeling of workpieces and materials with a laser beam. In this regar different processes are distinguishe such as engraving, removing, staining, annealing and foaming. Depending on the material and the quality requirement, each of these procedures has its own advantages and . Marking Central, a website for laser marker application information such as laser principles and mechanisms, marking and processing applications, safety management, and standards is managed by KEYENCE CORPORATION. Complete part traceability is an essential component for compliance with ISO quality standards. Traceability begins with part marking, and choosing laser marking technology allows manufacturers to automate marking operations and ensure a high level of control.

This technology consists of a high frequency beam.

The Datalogic LaserMarking product portfolio is focused on providing top value solutions for automotive, electronics, medical devices and high precision metal manufacturing. Best in class laser marking machines. Pulsed Fiber Lasers are renowned for their versatility with laser marking being one of the most popular applications.

This process is used to mark various materials including ceramics, LEDs, metals, plastics and rubber. A fast and clean technology, laser marking is rapidly replacing older marking methods. A key factor in this widespread adoption is the exponential increase in the use of direct part marking to enable tracking and traceability across many industries, most notably medical device and automotive electronics manufacturing. TRUMPF marking lasers are available in many different power classes and with all standard wavelengths, which means that you can find the right laser for any marking task.

For stand-alone operation in laser class we offer turnkey-ready and custom laser processing machines in the form of manual workstations or special machines. Our laser marking machines adapt with various lasers and powers and thus always allow the most economical and optimal configuration for the application in . Learn more about laser marking and laser engraving : enabling part identification and traceability for manufacturers. Are you looking for a fiber laser engraving machine that provides chemical and ink-free permanent marking? Discover the Technifor integrable fiber laser range: effective laser marking machines designed to reduce costs and installation times.

The workpiece material determines the process and energy requirements. High-quality laser marking with laser marking systems from Panasonic. The latest development in the field of cab marking lasers are the diode-pumpe air-cooled Ytterbium Fiber laser systems.