See ordering information table at the end of the data sheet for all package and temperature options. MAX22 MAX2, MAX232A: Pin Configuration and Typical Operating Circuit MAX22 MAX2, . Ordering Information and Selection Table appears at end of data sheet. ElectroStatic Discharge . D Two Drivers and Two Receivers.

D Designed to be Interchangeable With.

D ESD Protection Exceeds . Each driver converts TT-. MAX2is purposed for application in high-performance in- formation processing systems and control devices of wide application. With a MAX2IC you can easily connect your PIC microcontroller to your PC.

Single Supply Voltage, RS-2Transceiver. EviL_LaugH will become famous soon enough. I used a Max2and connected pin(T1OUT) of the max2to pin 2( Received Data) of DB9.

I connected pin(T1IN) of the max2to pin ( Transmit Data) of DB9. I input 5V into T1IN (pin of max2).

It basically allows to shift levels between a TTL signal (V) and a RS2signal (V -V). These receivers have a typical threshold of 1. The transmit and receive pins from the microcontroller are connected to two pins of the MAX2while another two pins from the MAX2are connected . Higher slew rate, small caps. We still offer the SMD package for this part.

This page is for reference only. While, I am designing my pcb. I found out errors during ERC which are: 1) No supply for implicit POWER pin IC1P GND 2) No supply for implicit. The TXD pin of the microcontroller is connected to the MAX2Maxim voltage converter 1C and the output of this 1C can be connected to the input of a COM( or COM2) port of a PC, or to the input of an RS2visual display unit.

Similarly, the output of the external RS2device is connected to the RXD input of the . Public Project: Footprint Package: Likes: Favorites: Views: 1. Home cwalsh User Component MAX232. Hi, I am looking for a solution to use the serial comunication between ATMEga128L and a PC. MAX2to make TTL-RS2voltages but now I have to put the microcontroller to work at 3. I want to add a transceiver to the existing circuit and that transceiver . Bit describe a data transmission connection between two devices that use, at a minimum,one wire for transmission TX and one wire for receive Rx. Other wires are available for flow control and power. FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases.

TTL logic to RS2logic voltage levels.