Mini wright peak flow meter

Now with FREE SHIPPING within the Continental United States! When a patient is well their PEF is higher, when the airways are narrow (as in asthma) PEF is lower. The Wrights peak flow meter with a standard EU scale used for the assessment of flow rate an indicater of Asthma and other pulmonary conditions . Most peak flow meters are small, hand-held and light in weight.

Suitable for home and clinic use.

Provides lower peak expiratory flow values. The meter is tubular with a spring-loaded piston and a longitudinal slot through which air escapes. Its dynamic characteristics have been carefully designed to make it respond only to peak flow and not to rate of rise.

Performance tests on early . It measures the airflow through the bronchi and thus the degree of obstruction in the . Clinical assessments of the degree of airway obstruction in asthma are known to be unreliable. Objective measurements of pulmonary function are essential to assessing the severity of asthma.

The peak flow meter can detect changes in the airway at very early stages offering you the opportunity to halt the progression of an attack before it interferes with activities. The confidence limits for flow measurement across the range of the new meters was between ± 1min −at the lower end of the range and ± 2min −at the top of the range. One hundred adult patients were arbitrarily divided into two groups, based on their average peak flow on the mini- Wright device.

A strong positive correlation in excess of 0. It provides an important early warning of asthma onset. Early problems in production appear to have been overcome, and the current model agrees to within with the standard peak flow meter , which is as close as the agreement between two standard instruments. If someone has overdosed and has serious symptoms such as passing out or trouble breathing, call 911.

Otherwise, call a poison control center right away. Canada residents can call a provincial poison control center. Wright peak flow meter on normal and abnormal subjects. Peak Flow Meter , Mini Wright , Standard Range, ATS. The Mini – Wright measures the maximum flow rate in a forced exhalation- known as the peak expiratory flow (P.E.F.).

These meters come with a . There are no reviews for this product. Hand calibrated for absolute accuracy, easy to clean, lightweight and portable.

Our popular, Industry Standard mini wright peak flow meter providing the ideal choice for asthma sufferers and monitoring of peak flow litres per minute. Keeping accurate manual peak flow meter records is sometimes difficult, the eMini- Wright brings peak flow monitoring up-to-date. Peak flow monitoring is a recognized tool in asthma management.

The eMini- Wright is a small, discreet electronic peak flow meter that accurately measures and stores peak flow data.