Pogo pin

Named by analogy with the pogo stick toy, the pogo pin usually takes the form of a slender cylinder containing two sharp, spring-loaded pins. Pressed between two electronic circuits, the sharp points . Harwin manufactures a range of Spring Loaded Contacts capable of thousands of cycles. Spring-Loaded pins, sometimes called Spring-Loaded Contacts, Spring probes, or Pogo Pins , provide a highly-reliable, precision made interconnect solution ideal for a number of demanding application requirements in the fast moving world of electronic interconnects. Each Mill-Max spring-loaded pin is precision machined .

Uneven mating surfaces, floating height requirements and exposure to extreme vibration all challenge the integrity of electrical connections. Mill-Max Spring- Loaded ( Pogo Pin ) Contacts provide a reliable electrical connection in the most rigorous environments. Field proven for performance and reliability in harsh . It is available to make connections between Battery to PCB, Antenna to PCB, and Board to Board on a small space. Harwin Pogos Pins Spring Loaded Contacts feature Ø1. SMT Contact Pads Sseries.

Highly competitive range of Swiss quality solutions for the interconnect industry with a wide range of custom designed solutions to meet your specific requirements.

Find great deals on eBay for Pogo Pin in Test Equipment Probes. In coming years, pogo pin connector is applied on Electronics device however consumer and commercial of worldwide own brand company. Tablet PC, GPS and TV etc…, and because. Microsoft Windows system-”Surface”, It`s applied a POGO Pin connector . Pogo pin connector is a special type,.

We now carry these pogo pins in the Adafruit shop! Single Pogo Pin contacts provide high cycle life in industrial and medical applications where reliability and robustness is critical. FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases.

We had heard about bed of nails but it seemed like a fancy industrial setup only accessible to large factories. After much experimentation, we decided that it was time to update our process and get into easily reproducible precision. We offer customize waterproof spring-contact connectors. The connectors meet protection classes from IPxto IPx8. The spring contacts are either molded directly or supplemented or sealed with special seals.

The … Federkontaktstecker mit Ball Spitze Rolling Type. ISI is a supplier of pogo pins , otherwise known as spring-loaded contacts, or spring probes. These high-quality, precision-made pins are available in a variety of lengths, diameters and plunger types to accommodate your test needs.

One of the older, widely used contacts, the pogo pin , has long established itself as a reliable and trustworthy technology for many applications. Named after the pogo stick toy over forty years ago, this golden spring-loaded contact has . Qualmax is doing all phase of spring probe or pogo pin manufacturing in-house. They are often used for testing electrical signals on printed. ECT continues to expand the .