Ral 9007

Purchase colour fans, cards, charts, books and swatches online. Grey is perceived as long-lasting and classic. Grey also works well with flashy or colourful décor.

This colour is available in: Displaying products. A traditional ultra high quality synthetic coach and machinery enamel.

Is used in preference to normal commercially available enamels for decorative work of the highest standard. Ideal for heavy duty vehicle finishing, tractors, stationary engines, narrow. Polyester TGIC Weather Resistant Powder Coating For Interior Or Exterior Applications.

Gloss Level = On Degree Meter. Recommended Mil Thickness = 2. Theoretical Coverage = 51. German: Graualuminium Dutch: Grijs aluminiumkleurig.

Italian: Aluminio grigiastro. French: Aluminium gris . High quality, colour matched paints. Cellulose, Pack and Base Coat available. Binder Type: TGIC-Polyester. Color: Aluminum or Silver.

Surface: Metallic or Metallic-Effect Smooth. Notes: OHnumb: SubA: SubB: SubC: SubD: SubE: SubF: imported: 0. Detailed information for each RGB color. Download TDS Download SDS . Includes conversions, schemes and much more. RGB Hexdecimal ‎: ‎8E8E8B RGB ‎: ‎55.

Excellent coverage and simple, clean one step application. Do not use more than one Drop in per gallon. USE OF SUBSTANCE: COATINGS. RAL colors can be viewed .