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The Cosman Gradiofrequency generator independently and automatically controls up to four electrodes at once, in monopolar or bipolar mode, with thermal RF or pulsed RF (PRF) output. Multiple independent supplies and patented multi- ouptut technology.

With a 12-inch touch screen, wireless remote, patient and doctor . However, no test bench is complete until it has an RF signal source of some type. Advanced Energy RF generators and power-delivery systems perform extraordinarily well in plasma-based thin-film manufacturing processes. Products – RF Signal Generators at Farnell element14.

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The NI PXI RF Analog Signal Generators generate continuous wave signals or basic standard modulation formats such as AM, FM, PM, and pulse. MKS, ENI RF Power Generators. MKS RF Power Generators provide reliable solid state power for thin films processing equipment. They are vital components of semiconductor fabrication systems, which produce the integrated . MHz on third-harmonics). Frequency range, (A): 100KHz~300KHz.

RF output, 100mV RMS, approximately (up to 35MHz). Modulation, Internal: 1KHz. Value for money RF signal generators with frequency capability from 1. All RF Signal Generator on sale.

We also take purchase orders and can provide special school, government and corporate pricing. RADIO-FREQUENCY ( RF ) SIGNAL GENERATORS In addition to the necessary power supply, a typical rf signal generator contains three other main sections: an OSCILLATOR CIRCUIT, a MODULATOR, and an OUTPUT CONTROL CIRCUIT. The modulator modulates the rf signal of the oscillator. The Halyard Health Pain Management Radiofrequency Generator is the most advance most comprehensive RF generator available, offering more treatment applications than any other RF system.

Conventional RF heating equipment In a conventional system, the RF applicator (i.e. the system which applies the high frequency field to the product) forms part of the secondary circuit of a transformer which has the output circuit of the RF generator as its primary circuit.

Consequently, the RF applicator can be .