Robland x31 pris

Kombimaschine Aachen – Laurensberg Vorschau . Angebote für gebrauchte Möbel. Jetzt finden oder inserieren! Mit Motorisch hoch tief verstellung, Digital, ablaeng und Parallelanschlag.

Gehrungsanschlag mit Vorritzler und parallelo Schutzhaube. WrzoFormatkreissaegeFabr.

Follow upcoming sales with our newsletter. Your bid : This sale is now closed. Abmessungen Hobelmesser 310x25x3mm. Robland X Wood Combined Machine.

How does the Xperform, and would I buy it again? The are extremely well and a definite Yes. However, I did not reach those conclusions overnight (after purchasing a disassemble used machine).

It has taken a fair amount of alignment gymnastics and deciphering the . But I picked mine up from a local high school for a cool US$000.

At that price (and frankly for $10as well), the Xis . Condition: Good Condition. Voltage: 2V, Cy, Ph. Price : $ 50 Act Now! Financing: $ National Capital Leasing. This is NOT a ShopSmith nor any of its cousins.

Now before you go into sticker shock at the price tag . Discover our panel saws, combined machines, boring machines and other high- qualitative woodworking machines. Mont-Saint-Guibert Belgia. Five in one combination machine ( Three Phase):.

The machine is in good working order. I am thinking about buy the Xbecause I have no space and they are not as much $$ as the Mini-Max, Felder or others. Is anyone familiar enough with the Xto give comments good or bad. Unsubscribe from Peter Thorsson?

Wenig gebraucht, sehr guter Zustand. Melden Produkt aktualisiert am 11. A t- elle du matériel avec, si oui on augmente potentiellement le prix.

If I had really limited space, that type machine would be high on my list.

Where else are you going to get machines of that capacity and capability for such a low price ? Efterset fra A-Z står som ny. Hey gang, first post (hopefully of many)! My biggest projects thus far have been a Cedar porch swing and a mantle built out of MDF.

Owner says he has all accessories. Is this a decent price ?