Teleskopcylinder hydraulik

CC Hydraulics Ltd Unit Aireside Business Park. DOUBLE-ACTING TELESCOPING CYLINDER New. Red and green arrows show pressure flows that control both forward and backward strokes of blue piston. EXTENDED DURABILITY IN TIGHT SPACES.

This special design of hydraulic cylinder provides exceptional travel from a highly compact retracted length.

Typically the collapsed. Mobile applications often call for cylinders with long strokes but small profiles ? Stroke Cross Tube Single Acting. At Berendsen Fluid Power we manufacture a range of customised telescopic cylinders. Download our cylinder brochure. Weighs less than most cylinders of similar design.

Chrome-plated smallest plunger with self-aligning bearing. Lifting capacity comparable to other brands.

Dual-lip wipers prevent contamination entry. For more details, visit our website. The sleeves (usually four or five) sequentially decrease in diameter and are nested inside of each other.

Once hydraulic pressure is introduced to the . A single acting cylinder is extended using hydraulic pressure but is retracted using external forces (usually gravity), once the hydraulic pressure is removed. They are comprised of several cylinders called stages built inside one another, as the name implies, like a collapsible telescope. The construction of cylinders within cylinders means that . CUSTOMIZED HYDRAULIC CYLINDERS. As a Solution Provider we offer our customers a complete range of customized hydraulic cylinders.

The range covers 2–stages where serial supply is require . Single and Double acting telescopic hydraulic cylinders for a variety of applications. Assembly dimensions and mounting types meet MAG standards. With single or double-acting versions. Piston diameter: mm – 1mm. Our stock of raw material enable us to react quickly in our cylinder production process.

We offer a modular hydraulic handpump range and safety accessories.

Our high performance production tool is spread over European production centers. The customer is at the center of our world. We customize the cylinder , our Warehouse is always full and produces of the energy we need.

Cylinders with Chrome Series.