Timing light

A timing light is a stroboscope used to dynamically set the ignition timing of an Otto cycle or similar internal combustion engine equipped with a distributor. Modern electronically controlled passenger vehicle engines require use of a scan tool to display ignition timing. The timing light is connected to the ignition circuit and . Bryan Fuller Hot Rods walks you through the basics of using a timing light. This Video shows the basics of using a timing light.

The INNOVA Inductive Timing Light is a must have for every tune-up kit.

This entry level timing light works with most ignition systems (DIS, conventional, electronic and computer controlled systems – domestic and import). Proper ignition timing is critical in order to achieve peak engine performance and to ensure maximum . This enables user to check base timing, mechanical advance or retar and electronic advance or retard applications. Knocking, as the condition is known, could be a sign of something dire.

Well, you could take your car . Shop with confidence on eBay! We know our parts and products. Amazing deals on this Xenon Advance Timing Light at Harbor Freight.

Equus Products Innova Inductive Timing Light.

Advanced Engine Timing Light for Convenient Auto Timing from Home. The adjustable knob helps you measure computer advance, as well as. Heat resistant over molding on battery clips with one touch control. Linear xenon flash tube and focused fresnel lens provides light bright enough for use in broad daylight. The Actron inductive timing light is designed for standard base timing.

Correct ignition timing maintains top vehicle performance by firing the spark plug at the precise instant to ignite air and fuel in. This best seller is a must have for every tune-up kit. Works with most ignition systems: DIS, conventional, electronic and computer controlled systems – domestic and imports. Patented skip circuitry tests. Leads, Inductive Pick-up, EETL500-2.

Manual, Instruction, EETL500-Z. When timing on older cars is neglecte you can suffer poor gas mileage, less power, and eventually degrading problems that might keep the engine from running. Setting engine timing can best be accomplished with an accurate timing light. JEGS has several quality timing lights with useful features. Whether man or woman, it is always good to read the instructions first, no matter what you are doing.

You can use the picture here as an example, but hook up your timing light as instructed by your manual. Most all timing lights have three clips on them and these instructions will discuss those types. Professional digital timing light has advanced features with a bright LED screen and mode indicator lights.

Microprocessor-controlled circuitry. Up and down scroll buttons. All metal inductive pickup Super bright xenon flash Removable leads with positive twist-lock connector One touch control Durable, plated ABS housing Over-molded grips.