Torque meter

A torque sensor , torque transducer or torque meter is a device for measuring and recording the torque on a rotating system, such as an engine, crankshaft, gearbox, transmission, rotor, a bicycle crank or cap torque tester. Static torque is relatively easy to measure. Dynamic torque, on the other han is not easy to measure, . New slip-ring-less rotating torque meter.

Torque meter have a wide range of. UTM series have been upgraded to UTM II to better meet the various needs of customers!

Great improvements on the bandwidth (1kHz), sampling rate (6kHz), overload rating (5), and so on have been made, while all great features of the existing model are succeeded. From basic analog testers to metrology grade laboratory instruments we have your torque needs covered. Please contact us regarding custom equipment. A promotion video for rotationg torque meter UTMⅡ series manufactured by Unipulse corporation.

Find all the manufacturers of torque meter and contact them directly on DirectIndustry. Use for torque control of . The torque meter of the series TQ5are designed to measure the rotating torque using shaft-to-shaft in-line placement. Heavy-duty silver slip rings provide secure transmission of power and signal from the rotating shaft to your instrumentation.

The PTT torque meter makes quality documentation faster and easier.

As an advanced torque controlling, monitoring and documentation solution, the torque analyzer enables operators and engineers to ensure product quality, safety and reliability promptly in a variety of manufacturing environments. A torque meter is a finely tuned instrument engineered for testing and monitoring torque applications. Because of non-contact detection, there is no need for parts replacement such as spring and blush. Wide selection of digital torque meter by OMEGA Engineering.

Order online with live technical customer support. For example, in shipping industry its application has led in some cases to fuel savings up to. The technology behind our torque sensors are strain gages.

Colour code metric and imperial scales, reduce the possibility . Easy to read 2mm (in) dial. Simplified menu system allows direct access to all menu . IMADA torque gauges provide solutions to the measurement of numerous items, such as screws, bolts, or rotating switches. Peak, Data hol Zero, Max.

Kg-cm torque sensor included.