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Free Spanish translation from SpanishDict. Most accurate translations. Translate English to Spanish to English. Este libro ha sido traducido a seis idiomas.

You must translate these units into volts.

Tienes que convertir estas unidades en voltios. The relics of King Richard III were translated from the parking lot where they were found . Professional options are available too. Reverso: Spanish -English translation.

Systran: Spanish -English translation. Bing: Spanish -English translation. Linguatec: Spanish -English translation. Promt: Spanish -English translation.

WorldLingo offers professional human translations. I have a multi language website, I want to translate sp poll button in french language. Audio pronunciations, verb conjugations, quizzes and more.

Find translations engineers use for technical parts. Learn how major law firms express legal terms in French, Spanish , and German. PLEASE do not speak to Alexa in languages other than English.

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Using one of our bilingual dictionaries, translate your word from English to Spanish. In Spanish -speaking countries, a common mistake is to translate the word billion as billón. Identify numbers not in your contact list. In any country as at home! Voice translator automatically detects and converts speech into . While acknowledging that a crime scene should in principle be preserved “at least till a detailed search and thorough forensic examination” has been carried out, it accepted the Rawalpindi police explanation that the decision to hose down the crime scene was formed by the investigating police officer at the scene, SP.

This comprehensive PONS German- Spanish Dictionary offers over 1. German into Spanish and from Spanish into German.

Continuous upkeep of our stock of words by trained lexicographers guarantees a dictionary of top quality. Carefully edited by experts, our content . The translation table entry is only examined when the despooler is initiated. The despooling process must therefore be stopped and restarted to effect any changes made either to the formqueue assignment or the translation table.

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