Triflow 500 ml

Smøremiddel med olie, additiver, PFTE og syrefrit. Trænger ind i svært tilgængelige områder og løsner fastgroede emner. Beskytter mod fugt, korrosion og rustskader. Danner en hård beskyttende hinde, der forhindrer isdannelsen og hæmmer dannelse af rust og korrosion. It can be used for both high performance industrial applications and general use.

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Tri – Flow is a Professional Quality multi-use P. The aerosol spray action allows you to have a focused spray for even application. High-grade petroleum oils provide optimum lubrication under extreme temperatures (-to 475°F) and humidity. Lubricant, available in an Aerosol Spray for ease of use.

Tri – flow 5ml – et fremragende smøremiddel. Its unique formula also contains P. Rengør overflader og fortrænger snavs og fugt. TRI – FLOW er rustløsner og smøreolie i ét. Anvendelse: Til smøring og .

Virtually eliminates friction and wear, even under the most extreme pressure and. Mengeling van diverse minerale oliën waaraan in totaal additieven zijn toegevoegd voor een optimaal resultaat. Within the workshop environment Tri-flow is a multipurpose maintenance fluid and the addition of PTFE assists in providing a durable wear reducing lubricating film.

Achetez TriFlow Lubrifiant Industriel avec P. Item model number, TFL500. Manufacturer Part Number, TFL500-TB. This 500ml aerosol is one of the very few lubricants and release agents capable of meeting the rigorous demands of marine applications. This product is best suited for railings, garden furniture, planters and metal.

Triflow Metal Paint 500Ml Black. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. TRIFLOW 5ML RED SMOOTH. Tri-flow highly effective lubrication and grease for the most difficult tasks. Tri-flow has a shelf life of at least years after production date.

It Can Be Applied Directly To Rust Without Needing A Primer. Its Ultra Tough And Durable. See in-store for pricing.

Its drip resistant on vertical surfaces and easy to apply, leaving an . Forespørgsel lagersaldo. Smooth Finish gives a beautiful, highly polished sheen to your .