UV filters can undergo transformation into less protective or more toxic products. UV filters are individual compounds or mixtures that block or absorb ultraviolet ( UV) light. Many photographers leave UV filters on their lenses more-or-less permanently.

Should you buy UV filters (or clear protective filters) for all your lenses? This question is highly controversial amongst photographers and the forums of DPREVIEW have seen many long .

In the days of film the value of placing a UV filter in front of your lens was never questioned. In addition to dampening the image-robbing effects of atmospheric ultraviolet radiation, UV filters also served to protect the front element of your lens from dust and moisture. They also repelled the inevitable smudges and scratches.

Explore our unbeatable selection. Thus, protection is a big business for camera retailers and manufacturers, and part of the reason why UV filters sell so well. These are thin, circular pieces of glass that fit over the front of your lens, and according to numerous photographers and retailers, can protect from scratches, smudges or cracks. Absorbs the ultraviolet rays which often makes outdoor photographs hazy and indistinct.

A muliti-purpose fine-weather filter for color as well as black and white films.

Also serves as a permanent lens protector. SUPER HMC These outstanding filters offer revolutionary performance in light transmission and color balance. Almost everything in digital photography stems from film, but sometimes, there are film traditions that create quite a stir. Some will insist you need them and others are adamant that image quality suffers as a result of . The extremely slim Rollei pro photo UV filter not only protects against annoying UV light, it also protects your valuable lens against dirt and damage. At the same time, it is a very useful tools to add protection to the lens against dust, moisture, scratches, and can permanently remain on the lens.

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A UV filter is an essential accessory that can protect your lens and improve your images. Made from optical grade glass, UV filters block ultraviolet light and removes the blue cast when shooting in sunny conditions. Flexible Thin Film UV Filters used to absorb ultraviolet rays with less than transmission below 3nanometers are available at Edmund Optics. The SIRUI Ultra Slim S-Pro Nano MC UV Filter has been developed with the utmost precision to protect your lens.

Whether in the field or in the studio, the filter reliably protects your lens from harmful external influences. By filtering UV radiation from daylight, the SIRUI UV Filter reduces the .