Zeniq dab radio manual

Congratulations with the purchase of your Zenid Robio FM Radio. This user manual offers information and instructions on setting up and using your product, it will provide you with technical specifications and information on where to get support. Please take some time to study this manual.

It contains important safety and. It is a digital signal that allows for more channels, has a larger range and allows for easier switching between channels. If this is the first time you turn on Robio, the unit will automatically perform a.

FM and AM are both forms of . You can perform a full scan at any time. Press the right knob for seconds in order to store desired station. Preset Store and short press . Det er et digitalt signal der giver flere kanaler, har en større rækkevidde og tillader et hurtigere skift mellem kanaler. It is the result of an extensive Research and. Nomenta Industries (HK) Ltd.

Development program undertaken to identify the circuitry and components fundamental to our highly regarded and critically acclaimed products. This new DAB radio is an advanced digital product.

Overview of the main unit. Adjust the volume level. But before you enter into an exceptional new world of sound and design, I recommend that you first read the instruction manual thoroughly in order to ensure optimal performance and satisfaction with your new music system. Press the FUNCTION button repeatedly to scroll through the available sources. Turn the VOLUME knob to adjust the volume, clockwise to increase and anti-clockwise to decrease.

Before switch the unit to DAB . Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Do not clean the radio with strong cleaning agents. Only clean the product with a dry cloth. Middle knob functions Only use accessories or attachments specified by the manufacturer.

Epub before encourage or fix your product, and we. TOBIAS JACOBSEN DAB – RADIO – Tilbud: 620-. DAB 3fra Tobias Jacobsen er en stilren og elegant radio med. Fremtidens radio – 20.

Internetradioen fra Zeniq er designet af. Zeniq dab radio Kobber Jeppe Utzon, DAB, Dab radio bluetooth i kobber og original æske design af Jeppe utzon sælges Har aldrig været brugt, kun pakket ud. View and order Tivoli Audio radios, such as the legendary Model One and the full line of clock radios, bluetooth speakers and portables. August MB4- DAB Radio und Bluetooth NFC Lautsprecher (blau).

Oct Hvis du fortsat har problemer med at genindstille din radio, skal du kigge i din manual eller kontakte forhandleren, hvor du har købt din DAB – radio.

Fjernbetjening og manual medfølger. Køb og salg af Brugt Dab Radio i Radioer – Østjylland på DBA. DAB – radio , Andet, DAB-30 Perfekt, Tobias Jacobsen Zeniq DAB-3Spritny og ubrugt.

Den har aux stik så man kan afspille musik. Firmagave der sælges, da jeg lige har fået .